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BLCUP - Learning/Teaching Chinese Language as a Second Language

BLCUP is short for Beijing Language and Culture University Press, which is a department of Beijing Language and Culture University. Since publishing its first work in 1985, BLCUP now publishes over 1200 titles on Language Teaching, Chinese as a Second Language, Schoolbooks, Young Adult and Children's Books, College Textbooks. 

For more than 20 years, BLCUP has been devoted to publishing only the highest quality Chinese language materials. We offer general, vocational and business Chinese courses, materials for improving grammar and vocabulary, books for CSL teachers, and Applied Linguistics books. We are committed to publishing timely, relevant, and exciting materials for use with learners of all ages and language ability levels.

You will notice that as we grow, more and more information will be available to you on this site, where it's easy to download a catalog, place an order and pay online. can ship to virtually any address in the world with priority international courier and other delivery options.

BLCUP appreciates your feedback. If you have a comment, query or support request, please email us at

About CSL

BLCUP is known throughout the world as a publisher of innovative, thoroughly researched CSL materials, from courses and skills to professional books and journals. The current list of titles reflects an ongoing commitment to address the needs of non-native speakers and their teachers, to further language research, and explore burgeoning new technologies that encompass video, CD-ROM, e-Book and beyond.

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